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Join the Program and Become A Better You


A Results-Driven Training Method

Treating you like an elite athlete. Simplified training broken into daily steps and weekly challenges. Daily workouts are covered by our three coaches, improving your mobility, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, strength, and power.


A Nutrition Plan You Can Stick To

A new year with a fresh approach to nutrition. Daily tips and coaching to help your body support change, recover and grow stronger.


Motivation & Self Development

We'll walk and talk you through the process of habit stacking, how to build mental resilience, learn new recovery methods and how it'll be pivotal to your growth in 2023. You'll also be part of an exclusive community with other challenge participants with daily motivation and tips provided by Kalective Coaches.

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Through daily guided steps, we can give you the motivation to define an improved mindset or to work on physical improvement and health.


  • Can anyone join 30/30 Challenge?
    Yes, 30/30 Challenge is open to beginners, intermediates and anyone in between. There are no restrictions on who can join. Essentially, if you want to better your mental and physical well-being, gain confidence and level up in 2023, then Kalective Fitness 30/30 is for you
  • Do I have to complete all daily sessions?
    To get the most out of the 30-day challenge, we recommend completing as many sessions as possible. However, if you’re new to fitness or if you’re running other programmes alongside, we understand this might not be possible for you. There are still huge benefits to joining the 30/30 challenge, even if you’re not completing all of the training. The mental challenges and lessons around training, nutrition, forming new habits and recovery can be applied to all training.
  • What happens after I sign up?
    We prepare for the challenge. We’ll update you every week via email from the point of enrolment until the challenge begins, detailing what to expect, how to prepare and what’s in store. From the 1st January, our online portal will open up, allowing access to all content, your personalised program, and you’ll be invited to receive our motivational and challenge related notifications via Whatsapp in an exclusive group. Then, we get to work come the 2nd January when the challenge begins. You can choose to either participate online, or we suggest participate via our app which can be downloaded.
  • What happens after 30 days?
    That’s your call. After the initial challenge, we take a short break and begin enrolment for the next challenge, so you can either re-join or you’ll be offered the opportunity to take your training to the next level by choosing a Kalective Fitness plan. That being said, 30/30 is all about empowering you to create and maintain progressive habits, so if you complete the 30 days, the new and improved you will be ready to take on whatever is thrown at you.
  • I lack motivation, will I fail?
    Absolutely not! This challenge is designed to holistically motivate, provide understanding and give you the tools to transform. You will be part of an exclusive Whatsapp community with others participating in the challenge. You'll also receive daily motivation and updates from the Kalective coaches to keep you going.
  • Is online fitness coaching effective?
    Yes, online fitness coaching can be effective for achieving fitness goals. It can be a convenient and flexible option for those who have busy schedules or prefer the convenience of working out at home. The effectiveness of online coaching will depend on the individual's adherence to the program, as well as the quality of the coaching and programming.
  • How does online fitness coaching work?
    Initial consultation: The client has an initial consultation with their coach to discuss their fitness goals, medical history, and any other relevant information. Assessment: The coach may ask the client to complete an assessment, such as a fitness test or nutrition questionnaire, to gather more information about their current fitness level and needs. Program design: The coach will use the information gathered in the consultation and assessment to design a customized fitness and nutrition program for the client. Communication and support: The coach will provide ongoing support and guidance to the client through regular check-ins and communication via email, phone, or video call. The coach may also provide adjustments to the program as needed to help the client progress towards their goals.
  • Can I do online fitness coaching if I'm a beginner?
    Yes, online fitness coaching can be a great option for beginners. Your coach will take your current fitness level into account when designing your program and will provide modifications and progressions as needed. It's important to communicate with your coach about any concerns or questions you have, and to listen to your body and only do exercises that feel safe and comfortable for you.
  • How often do I need to check in with my coach?
    The frequency of check-ins with your coach will depend on the specific coaching program you are enrolled in. Some programs may have daily or weekly check-ins, while others may have less frequent check-ins. It's important to communicate with your coach about your needs and preferences to find a frequency that works for you.
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